“If we play like the Yankees in here we lose to the Yankees out there.” Moneyball - Billy Beane.

Hector Adonay Rivera Gallardo is a Houston-bred storyteller with a passion for capturing life's most captivating moments on film or in modern ways, digitally.

Born in El Salvador and raised in Houston, Adonay attended the University of Houston and honed his craft in media production. After graduation, he cut his teeth as a Production Assistant for ESPN and the NFL's Gameday Football Broadcast before moving on to a small production house. It was there where he directed his first project, the gala recap for the iWrite, a literacy non-profit.

With a hunger to grow and learn, Adonay set out for the bright lights of Los Angeles in 2017, where he worked as a 1st and 2nd Camera Assistant for some of the industry's most renowned cinematographers. He had the privilege of working on award-winning films and music videos, and honing his skills under the guidance of cinematographers like Brian Beckwith “BB”, Darren Miller, Jake Zortman, Mike Marasco, Skip Clark and Paula Trulin.

Now based in Atlanta, Adonay works from his own studio, where he continues to craft visually stunning content. With a wealth of experience and a unique perspective, he is dedicated to capturing life's most meaningful moments and bringing them to audiences around the world.

Atlanta GA