“If we play like the Yankees in here we lose to the Yankees out there.” Billy Beane.

Hector Adonay Rivera Gallardo  was born in San Salvador and raised in Houston Tx. He attended the University of Houston where he majored in Media Productions. After graduation he went onto PA for ESPN & the NFL’s Gameday Football Broadcast.

From there he went to work for a small production house before landing his first directing project for iWrite, a non-profit focusing on literacy. 

After years of honing his skills in Houston, Adonay moved to Los Angeles in 2017 where he worked in the camera dept for several notable DP’s like Darren Miller, Jake Zortman, Mike Marasco,  Skip Clark and Paula Trulin. 

Currently he works with Letsgetlexi Youtube channel and producing his feature film debut. 

Los Angeles, Calif.