97.9 The Box
KBXX 97.9 commisioned Adonay to make 4 commercials for the 2017 NBA Playoffs. The Mafia spot was the concept that Adonay developed during pre-productions meetings and was the concept that won him the project.


Corda - 4 Ways Corda Saves You Money
KH and Adonay teamed up to create this animated campaign for Corda Investment Group.
Pineapple Labs was founded by Alexis. (Lexi) & Hunter Pence in 2020. After colloborating with Lexi since 2016 we came up with a quick and fun spot to introduce their coffee line. 

Fresh Arts Houston
Adonay teamed up with Fresh Arts Houston to open up awareness to the Texas community of artist to learn more about their grants programs. 

“i” The Guy
iWrite and Adonay have been collaborating on projects since 2015. Together they have created videos to showcase the literacy programs for schools across the country.

Los Angeles, Calif.