Luchadorios - Short Film - 2023

We won our first grant! Thanks to the Houston Arts Alliance we have been able to go into production on a family friendly film 10 years in the making!

Luchadorios will be released in late 2023.
Sypnosis - On the morning of Leia's birthday, her and her sister Mia discover that their father bought the knock off brand of their favorite cereal. Their imaginations grow bigger than what they can handle when the knock off cereal Luchador comes to life. Before they know it, the kitchen is a big mess and their vivid imaginations help bring the sister's bond closer together.


97.9 The Box
KBXX 97.9 entrusted Adonay with crafting four captivating commercials for the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Adonay's winning concept, "The Mafia," emerged victorious during pre-production meetings and was the concept that won him the project.


Corda - 4 Ways Corda Saves You Money
KH Studio joined forces with Adonay to develop an animated campaign for Corda Investment Group.
The Houston Chamber Choir
Amidst the chaos of the 2020 Covid Pandemic, Adonay rose to the challenge and produced and remotely directed the first in a series of groundbreaking video productions for the GRAMMY award winning Houston Chamber Choir.

iWRITE -  NonProfit
Our creativity and collaboration with iWrite has resulted in a partnership that has flourished since 2015. Together we have crafted compelling videos that showcase the literacy programs for schools across the country, highlighting Adonay's unique ability to bring these videos to life.
Atlanta GA